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A theme is best described as?

A. A moral lesson presented in a work of literature

B. The central idea or insight about life revealed in a literary work

C. The subject of a work of literature

D. A series of related events in a literary work

I picked B but it siad it was wrong

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    I agree with B, but it could also be A.

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    Well thanks I got an 80 better than my last quiz lol I got a 70 well anywho it wasn't A so probably B

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    I wonder if the question is worded correctly because it seems to be "B" except the part about "insight about life". It isn't "A" because a theme doesn't neccesarily have anything to do with morals. It also isn't "B" because a theme doesn't neccesarelly have to do with a literary work either. Maybe their answer is "C".

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