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I urgently need you to check a few things, Writeacher. Thank you very much.

1) Eveline is thinking about (is "of" a mistake?) her past, present and future.
2) She feels in danger of her father's violence.
3) The sound of the music triggers (I need a synonym) Eveline's flashback to the night of the murder.
4) She doesn't want to end up dying a madwoman, like her mother.
When she was a girl, she was spared the kind of violence reserved for the male children from (or by?) her father.
5)The characters suffer from paralysis (better are paralysed in their will) since they are unable to break the chains with their past. (?)

  • Art -

    1. Either word works fine.

    2. OK

    3. The sound of the music makes Eveline remember the night of the murder.

    4. (This is an awkward sentence. I'd leave out "dying.")

    ... reserved for her brothers by her father.

    5. ... suffer from paralysis of will, since they ...

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