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The bus stations in Trawlwy and Fenton are 220 miles apart. A bus left Trawley for Fenton at 9:00am. Traveling at 40 miles per hour. One hour later, an express bus left Fenton for Trawley traveling along the same road at 50 miles per hour. At what time did the buses pass each other?

A. When the buses meet, what is the sum of the distances they have travelled?

B. Let t represent the time the express bus was traveling when they met. What expression represents the travel time of the other bus?

C. Use the formula distance = rate x time. What equation models the situation?

D. Solve the equation. At what time did the buses meet?
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    The instructions given makes the question more complicated than it has to be ...

    time for the regular bus is t hrs
    time for the express is t-1 hrs

    distance covered by regular bus = 40t miles
    distance covered by express bus = 50(t-1) miles

    50(t-1) = 40t
    50t-50 = 40t
    t = 5

    the regular bus went for 5 hrs and the express bus went for 4 hours when they met, each having covered 200 miles.

    (the 220 distance had nothing to do with the solution, it simply assured that they met before the journey was completed)

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