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x^1/2 * y^1/6 *z^1/5. We are to use rational exponents to write an expression.

The sqrt of x - the sqrt of y, over the sqrt of x + the sqrt of y. I need to simplify and use radicals as needed. I obviously do but what...?? Please assist.

Thank you.

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    I'm not quite sure I understand the second question, but I'll take a guess. You want to simplify

    {sqrt(x) - sqrt(y)} / {sqrt(x) + sqrt(y)}.

    Multiply the top and bottom of this expression by {sqrt(x) - sqrt(y)}. The numerator will then be {x - 2.sqrt(xy) + y}, and the denominator will be (x - y). You've now only got square roots in the numerator. Is that what you need?

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