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Posted by Frank on Friday, May 4, 2012 at 9:16am.

Could you please help me find examples of phrasal verbs used in phone calls? Thank you, Writeacher.

1) You can call me up whenever you want to.
Shall I ask him to call you back?
2) The line is engaged. Would you like to hang on/hold on?
Hang on, I'll put you through/I'm putting you through.
3) He picked up the receiver and dialled the number.
I'm sorry. I've dialled the wrong number.
4) I was speaking with Mary on the phone when the line dropped (out).
We were cut off in the middle of a phone conversation.
5) Shall I leave him a message? Shall I tell him you have phoned?
Could you tell me to call me back as you as he arrives home?
6) There were many drop-outs and I couldn't inform him about tomorrow's match.
7) I switched my mobile on, digited my husband's number but I soon discovered that I had no credit left. So I went to the nearest bancomat and transferred 50 Euros (topped my phone up with...??) on my mobile phone.
8) I need to recharge my mobile because the battery has run down.

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