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Honors Chemistry

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An aqueous solution of NaCl has a concentration of .500 M. 35.0 mL of this solution is allowed to evaporate to a volume of 20.0 mL.
a) Is the solution more concentrated or more dilute afterwards?
b) What is the new concentration of the solution?

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    M = mols/L
    a. If some solvent (L) has evaporated then L is a smaller number and M goes up and it is more concentrated.

    b. new concn =
    I would use 0.500M x (35/20) = ? BUT YOU may prefer to use the dilution formula.
    c1v1 = c2v2
    c = concentration
    v = volume
    35 mL x 0.500 = 20 mL x ?M
    ?M = 35*0.500/20 = ?

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