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Chemistry help asap

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I need help with this ideal gas law problem I know how to set the equation up but I'm not getting the correct answer.

How many moles of gas can be contained in a 1.44 L flask at 32Celsius and 93.5kPa?

  • Chemistry help asap -

    It's easier for you to show your work and let us find the error.

  • Chemistry help asap -

    ok so far I have


  • To DrBob22 -

    are we supposed 2 divide something after we solve the equation

  • Chemistry help asap -

    When I convert 93.5 kPa to atm I get
    93.5 x (1 atm/101.325) = 0.9277.
    The rest of the solution looks ok to me. I get an answer of 0.05309 = n and I would round that to 0.531 mols to three significant figures.

  • DRBOB222 i have one more question -

    Ok I understand where the 0.9277 came from but when I put the equation in my calculator I keep getting 4965.218621

  • oops--Chemistry help asap -

    I made two typos. 93.5/101.325 = 0.92278
    If you want to show each step I shall be happy to check it.
    n = PV/RT
    n = 0.92278*1.44/(0.08206*305)
    That should give you 0.92278*1.44 = 1.3287.
    Now divide by 0.08206 to give 16.19 and that divided by 305 = 0.0531
    (The other typo was omitting the 0 on 0.0531 = n).

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