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english/check please

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Add an interjection to each of these sentences. Be sure to punctuate correctly.

1- Isn't that beautiful?
- Ah! isn't that beautiful ?

2-We're having a test .
- My goodness ! Were having a test !

3- That hurts.
- Ouch ! That hurts !

4- I ripped my best shirt.
-Wow ! I ripped my best shirt !

5- I won !
- Alas ! I won!

6-What a sad story that was .
-Gosh ! What a sad story that was!

7-We left just in time !
- Whew ! We left just in time !

8-You made it !
- Yes ! You made it !

9-That can't be the right answer.
- What ?That can't be the right answer !

10- That sure smells great.
- Oh , boy !That sure smells great !

  • english/check please - ,

    Why are there extra spaces before each exclamation mark?

    Why are there exclamation marks after nearly every sentence?

  • english/check please - ,

    I have to change the sentences on the top

    by adding an interjection and put a punctuation. I need to know did I use the correct interjections and the right punctuations too forget about the spaces before each exclamation .

    please just correct my interjection words and the punctuations and thank you.

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