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POW 11 How old is mrs. wenzl
When Kailey asked her grandmother how old she was, She responded, The two digits in my age are the ages of your brother Angler and sister Alanna. If you add their ages to mine, the sum is 83. How old is Mrs. Wenzl

  • algebra -

    Assuming Mrs. Wenzl is the grandmother, let the digits in her age be m and n


    m is odd, because the sum is odd, so m=1,3,5,7

    Now, m=1,3 are not likely, since that would make for a very young grandmother.

    So, if m=5, then 55+2n=83, and n=14, but that can't be, since n<10

    That means m=7, and 77+2n=83, so n=3

    So, the siblings are 7 and 3, and the grandmother is 73

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