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You stand on a bathroom scale that rests on the floor of an elevator. Standing on the scale compresses internal springs and activates a dial that indicates your weight in newtons. When the elevator is at rest, the scale reads 600 N. Then the elevator begins to move upward with a constant acceleration of 2.00 m/s/s.

Determine your true mass.
Determine the scale reading while the elevator is accelerating.
If you read the scale without realizing that it is accelerating upward what might you think your mass is?

What would your answers be if the elevator is accelerating downward?

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    what do you think?

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    I would say the true mass is 60 kg and that's as far as i got

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    mg = 600 N,
    m =600/g =600/9.8 = 61.2 kg.
    W = ma+mg =61.2(2+9.8) = 722 N,
    scale will give 722/9.8 = 73.7 kg.

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