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Homework Help: english/check please

Posted by joe on Tuesday, May 1, 2012 at 1:50pm.

Change each of these indirect quotations
to direct quotations.Punctuate your quotation properly.

- Mrs king said,"I enjoyed our golf game"

_Mrs king said that she enjoyed the golf game.

1)Mrs.King said that she wants a new putter.

-Mrs King said," I wanted a new putter"

2)I told my boss that I could not come to work today.
-I told my boss,"I can not come to work today".

3)Anita said that her mother was going back to college.
-Anita said," My mother is going back to college"

4)My brother Elvin whispered that he had a surprise for me.
-My brother Elvin whispered,"I have a surprise for you."

5)Tina told me that she had found my book in her desk.
-Tina told me," I have found your book in my desk."

6)Matthew thought that we should go to a movie.
-Matthew thought,"We shall go to a movie".

7)He said his favorite actor was Clint Eastwood.
-He said ,"My favorite actor is Clint Eastwood".

8)He told his friend Jeffrey that he would stop by and pick him up.
-He told his friend Jeffrey,"I will stop by and pick you up".

9) Jeffrey said he would be waiting on the front porch.
-Jeffrey said," I will be waiting on the front porch".

10)Matthew told him he would be there in fifteen minutes.
-Matthew told him,"I will be there in fifteen minutes".

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