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physics. HELP PLEASE

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A string has a linear density of 5.3 x 10-3 kg/m and is under a tension of 370 N. The string is 1.8 m long, is fixed at both ends, and is vibrating in the standing wave pattern shown in the drawing. Determine the (a) speed, (b) wavelength, and (c) frequency of the traveling waves that make up the standing wave.

  • physics. HELP PLEASE -

    (A)Mass per unit length mₒ=5.3•10^-3 kg/m
    Velocity of the wave in the stretched string is
    v = sqrt(T/mₒ)
    (B)The wavelength can’t be determined without the drawing.
    Usually the wavelength (of the travelling wave!) is the distance between the first and the third nods of the standing wave.
    (C) λ=v/f

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