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Hamilton / Jefferson Readings Quiz
can someone help me check my answers the answers with an (*) at the end them are the ones i think are right

Alexander Hamilton thought that having a virtuous citizenry was a necessity in a Repulic.
A) True *
B) False
Who said "The goodness of a government consists in a vigorous execution?"
A) Thomas Jefferson *
B) Alexander Hamilton
Who believed in a very limited role for the government in the economy?
A) Thomas Jefferson *
B) Alexander Hamilton
The primary function of the Bank was to:
A) provide oversight to the young country's economic transactions
B) work closely with the European banks to ensure the credit of the U.S. was maintained. *
C) was t help develop the U.S. because it was two centuries behind the more advanced European nations.
Which of the following is considered Hamilton's most important state paper?
A) The Report on Manufactures
B) The Report on Public Credit *
C) His essay in defense of the constitutionality of the Bank.
Hamiltion was a firm believer in Adam Smith's notion of an "invisible hand" for the marketplace/
A) True
B) False *
Hamilton thought that areas of weakness with a nation's economy could be overcome by the governmental incentives.
A) True *
B) False
During the 1790s Jefferson countered Hamilton's programs with a concrete vision and plan of his own.
A) True *
B) False
Jefferson would never come to accept the necessity of manufacturing as vital to a nation's economy
A) True
B) False *
Civic Humanism was the belief that it was vital for the survival of a republic to have a moral, property possessing, disinterested, self sufficient citizenry.
A) True *
B) False

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