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An archer locks a 0.20kg arrow on a bowstring. Then the archer exerts an average force of 110N to draw the string back 0.60 m . Assume that friction is negligible .

What speed does the bow give to the arrow?

If the arrow is shot vertically upward,how high will it rise?

  • physics -

    W =KE
    F•s =mv(o)^2/2
    v(o) = sqrt(2•F•s/m) = sqrt (2•110•0.6/0.2)= 25.7 m/s
    v = v(o) - g•t,
    v=0 => t = v(o)/g =25.7/9.8 =2.6 s
    h =v(o) •t –g•t^2/2 = 25.7•2.6 - 9.8•(2.6)^2/2 = 33.1 m

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