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Homework Help: 3 grade english ms sue

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clue words, such as first,next,then, and finally are often used to signal the sequence of events. dates and times can clues. sometimes, no clue words are used at all.

directions read the following passage.

First my parents told me they were going to start looking for a new house for us to live in. did i want to move? no way! i was perfectly happy in our old house. i had friends next door and friends across the street,and i liked my room. i didn't want to go to a different school.

then my parents said they'd look for a house in the same neighborhood so i didn't have to change schools. at least that was something. so after looking and looking, they finally found a house they liked. but it was in a different town. i had to change schools after all.

directions number the following three events in the order in which they happened.

1-_____ my parents found a house.

my son write 3

2- _____ my parents said we were going to move.

my son write 1

3- my parents looked for a house in our neighborhood.

my son write 2

4- what, if anything, might have changed if the child's parents had said they were moving out of town right from the beginning?

my son write- the little girl would be really sad. so it's better to say it last.

5- what happened at the end of the story?

my son write- they found a house but in a different tow. she had to change schools after all.

please check my son homework is right or not thank you

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