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If possible, completely factor the expression. (If the polynomial is not factorable using integers, enter PRIME.)
x^2+9 x+20


    imma teach you how i learn to factor

    tak the x^2 and multiply it with the 20 giving you 20x^2

    now figure out all the numbers that multiply to equal 20 which should be 4 and 4, and 1 and 20

    now out of those 2 choices which one adds up to equal 9 (bc there is a 9x) the answer is 4 and 5 ( now if it was a negative 9x you would have to figure out how to get that negative 9 from adding the two numbers for example lets say it was 20x^2 but 18x^2 instead so you would have 6 and 3 multiplyiing to equal 18 but 6 + 3 doesnt equal a negative 9 but a -6 times a -3 equals positive 18 also and when you add them together they equal -9 too, i know i went off topic but i just wanted to point it out to you)

    anyway our two numbers that multiply to equal 20 and add to equal 9 was 5 and 4

    so your factor is (x+5 and x + 4) just put them equal to zero to get your x but the question only ask you to factor

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