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Homework Help: Grade 8 Math

Posted by Caroline Sunshine on Sunday, April 29, 2012 at 4:48pm.

Can you write them in Mathematical/numbers form I'll solve them myself. i don't really get it though i have written the first one in mathematical for but i'm not sure if that's right.

1. When six is subtracted from five times a certain number, the result is sixty-nine. Find the number


2.Two number differ by seven. if their sum is sixty-five, what are the numbers?

3. the sum of three numbers is one hundred fifty-seven. the first is eight less than the second and the third is fifteen more than the second. Find the numbers.

4. there are four numbers. The first is twenty less than the second, the third is one more than twice the first and the fourth is four more than the third. We also know that the sum of the first and second equals the sum of the third anf fourth numbers. Fine the numbers

5. When a certain number is decreased be eighteen, the result is the same as if the number had been subtracted from thirty. Find the number.

6. the sum of five consecutive numbers is one hundred and thirty five. Find the numbers.

7. One quarter of a number, increased by one-half of the same number is twelve. What is this number?

8. The larger of two numbers is five times the smaller. If their difference is fifty-two, what are these numbers?


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