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Chemistry(Please help)

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What is the molar solubility of barium phosphate in a 0.282M barium acetate solution?

If I set up and ice table I would have 0.282M - X = ? Would I use the molar mass of barium acetate to complete the equation to find X?

Ba3(PO4)2 ==> 3Ba^2+ + 2PO4^3-
Ba(C2H3O2)2 ==> Ba^2+ + 2C2H3O2^-
(Ba^2+) = 3x from Ba3(PO4)2 + 0.282 from Ba(C2H3O2)
(PO4^3-) = 2x from Ba3(PO4)2
Substitute into Ksp and solve for x = molar solubility Ba3(PO4)2.

So for Ksp I would do (3x+0.282)(2x) ?

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    Yes. You can assume 3x + 0.282 = 0.282. Look up Ksp (or it may be in the problem) and solve for x.

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