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Vertices - Reflections&Tranlations?

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Thanks for reading this!

A triangular prism has vertices at A(2,-1,-1) B(2,1,4) C(2,2,-1) D(-1,-1,-1) E(-1,1,4), and F(-1,2,-1)?

This question has two parts:

1 - Which image point has the coordinates (-3,2,1) after a translation using the vector <-5,1,3>
I'm thinking it's point B.

2 - What point represents a reflection of B over the yz plane?

Of the multiple choice, the four answers did not provide the one I came up with. (I had B'(-2,2,4).) They gave me
A - (-2,-1,4)
B - (-2,1,4)
C - (-2,2,-4)
D - (-2,1,-4)
Which one should it be and why?

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