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what mass of sodium chloride will be required to completely react with 4.00 x 10(24) units of AgNO3 and form AgCl and sodium nitrate?

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    Balanced equation is:

    NaCl + AgnO3 yields AgCl + NaNO3
    1mol 1 mol 1 mol 1 mol

    NaCl= 58.44

    This is as far as I get. My answer choices are:


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    Here is a worked example of a stoichiometry problem. Just follow the steps. I don't think the example shows how to get to mols from molecules.
    mols AgNO3 = 4E24/6.02E23 = ?
    The example will take this value and go to the end. This and the limiting reagent process I gave you last yesterday will work a bunch of problems. I suggest you print them out for future reference.

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