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Posted by Mike1 on Thursday, April 26, 2012 at 2:45pm.

Writeacher, can you please check if everything is OK? Thank you.

1) I've just made some coffee.
I've never flown in an aeroplane.
I've never been to a disco (in a disco) in my life.
2) Have you had lunch yet?
Have you taken the sun on the beach yet?
Have you sunbathed yet?
How much have you earned so far?
3) Have you been to London recently?
She's been in London for two years now.
She's been living in London for two years now.
4) Have you ever had to eat at your firm's canteen?
You can do anything you like.
5) To whom did Mark speak about the test?
Will you ever have to lend him your book?

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