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Chemistry(Please help)

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delta Go = -431.16kJ/mol - (298k X 0.12529 kJ/K*mol)

I am having trouble converting the units for delta H and delta s to match. I multiplied delta H by 1000 to get kJ but this didn't give me the correct answer.

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    If your answer is in J then multiply -431.16 by thousand and you delta S .12529. Make sure all your unit are in J/mol K and Temperature in K.

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    -468496.42 J

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    delta H is usually listed in kJ/mol and S in units of J/mol. Most of the time I want to use dG I must convert it to J so I usually convert delta H to J (1000 x delta H in kJ/mol = delta H in J/mol) and that will match S in J/mol. That will give you dG in J/mol.

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    I did

    -431.16kJ/mol X 1000 = -431160

    Then -431160 - (298 X 0.12529 kJ/K*mol) = -431197.33 for delta G but this answer was said to be incorrect, I do not know why??

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