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When 6200g of ethylene glycol and 16600g terephtalic acid reacted completely to generate poly(ethyleneterephtalate)(PET),how many grams of H20 generated?

My working:
mol of ethylene glycol = 6200g/(62g/mol)
= 100 moles

mol terephtalic acid = 16600g/(166g/mol)
= 100 moles
So,both have equal moles

Reactions between these two monomers yield 100 moles of PET and 200 moles of H20.

So,the mass of H2O generated is :
200(H2O) = 200 X 18 = 3600g

Is my solution correct? Could Dr.Bob please recheck my steps? Thank you

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    It looks good to me. Good work on picking up that for n mols reactants 2n mols H2O are produced.

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