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A 10kg block is released from the top of a ramp 45m high. the track is frictionless except for a 6m stretch in the middle. when the block reaches the end, it compresses the k=2250N/m spring a distance of 0.030m. Find the coefficient of friction over the rough patch in the middle.

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    work this as energy.
    Initial PE=Final PE+friction work

    Initial PE=mgh

    final PE=1/2 k x^2 where k=2250, x-.030

    frictionwork= mg*cosTheta*mu*6

    So, put this into the equation, solve for mu. However, the angle of the ramp needs to be known to solve it, I don't see it given, or data given to calculate it.

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    PE = KE + W(fr),
    m•g•h = m•v^2/2 + μ•m•g•cosα•s,
    KE = PE(spring)
    m•v^2/2 = kx^2/2,
    m•g•h = kx^2/2 + μ•m•g•cosα•s,
    μ ={ m•g•h - kx^2/2}/ m•g•cosα•s.
    It is necessary to know the angle α

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