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4. The Earth's tectonic plates and earthquakes are related because
a. most earthquakes take place at or near tectonic boundaries
b. during an eruption, the plates slip past one another
c. of the measure of energy released by the earthquake, called magnitude
d. an earthquake creates slippage of the tectonic plates
B or D..

10. Each of the following is an example of a parasite EXCEPT
a. a roundworm in a human's intestine
b. a cow in a pasture
c. a tick on a cat
d. a mistletoe on a tree

16. Which of the following models would you use to represent the shape of Earth's surface beneath the oceans?
a. graphical
b. physical
c. conceptual
d. mathematical

20. Temperature and precipitation affect the plants that grow in a certain climate because
a. they determine the quality of the soil where the plants will live
b. they control the insects that cause damage to plants
c. plants need a certain range of temperature and precipitation to survive in a particular area
d. all of the above


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