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Posted by joseph on Monday, April 23, 2012 at 10:05pm.

write whether the words in parentheses show compound subject(CS), compound verb(CV),or independent clauses (IC).

1)Latisha (called me after school)IC ,and (asked for help with her project) IC.

2)(I met her at the library), IC and (we went over the assignment).IC

3) (most of the students in the class were writing research papers) CS +CV, but (she made a different decision)IC

4)Latisha ( was designing) CV and (building a model city).IC

5)(One of our teachers) CS,and (several of our classmates)CS were also at the library.

6) Andrea (spotted us) IC and (came over to our table).IC

7) (Andrea), (Latisha), and (I) CS are in the same math class.

8)( We walked to the bus stop together)IC, but( Andrea did not get on the bus with Latisha and me) CV.

9)( Andrea lives close to the library)IC, so (she walked home) IC.

10) We( waved goodbye)IC and (then got on the bus) IC.
Can you check my work please ? thank you

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