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Homework Help: Sociology- Help Is Needed Please

Posted by TEE on Monday, April 23, 2012 at 9:11pm.

Hi, I'm totally lost with this assignment and don't know where to start at with this assignment. I know I'm in Group B will argue against the use of culture as a defense. Can someone please give me advice on how to do this assignment any help will be appreciate.

Culture in the Courtroom


As a culture, people in the U.S. hold a strong belief that their country is a melting pot, where many different groups blend in together. This assumption is shared by many, globally, as well. However, this analogy overlooks the reality that many different and independent subcultures exist in U.S. society. The melting pot analogy also minimizes the importance of cultural assimilation.

Return to the readings from your textbook for this unit (Chapter 2, “Culture”); the Leti Volpp article, “Cultural Defenses in the Criminal Legal System;” and Jeffrey Breinholt’s article, “Courtroom Jihad and the Defense of ‘I am a Muslim.’” Consider the following question:
Should cultural standards be used as a viable defense in the courtroom? Current examples of this sort of defense include fathers selling their daughters and the concept of honor killings.

Your instructor will divide you into two groups. Group A will argue for the use of cultural imperatives as a defense in the courtroom. Group B will argue against the use of culture as a defense. Note that this is not a group activity; each learner is expected to provide his or her individual post. Your response should be placed within the context of the concepts, ideas, or theories encountered in the readings this week. Be sure to frame your comments in a professional and scholarly manner.

In your discussion, you must reference the concepts covered specifically in this unit, to earn full credit. Examples of these concepts include, but are not limited to:
Cultural relativism.
Beliefs and values.

Be sure to frame your comments in a professional and scholarly manner. Remember to take a sociological perspective and maintain a scientific tone in your comments.

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