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English (curious question)

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On my ELA exam which was SOOOOOOO EASY it says something about a black smith (a little biography about a blacksmith person)

what's a blacksmith????

  • English (curious question) -

    A blacksmith is a person who makes horse shoes and other things from iron and steel.

  • English (curious question) -

    Blacksmiths make implements from metal, from farm tools like horseshoes to weapons like swords and axes. Mostly they used iron

  • English (curious question) -

    oh that make sense

    thank you

    now i know! :)

  • different question -

    This is kind of random...but, have they proven which language is the easiest for a native English speaker to learn? Was just wondering... I wonder if it is actually Spanish...

  • English (curious question) -

    I've studied a little Latin, French, Spanish, German, and Russian. I think Spanish is the easiest.

  • English (curious question) -

    My parents both said Spanish was easier. I took Spanish 1 and 2. I did everythign I was told, studied everythign I had. I can barely speak five sentances coherently, though i finished my studies of the language six months ago. I cannot roll my r's no matter how hard i try.

    However, I began French 1 four years ago before I moved from northern ohio to SE Texas. I still remember sentances and verb conjugations, and with a French/English dictionary, I have been able to string together sentances, phrases, and even papers. I've been told I have a pretty good accent.

    All this to say, I think the term "easy" is relative to the person learning. Yes, Spanish is considered by many to be easier to learn. Is it really? Not for me. Maybe for you. Only one to tell...

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