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Posted by hardik on Monday, April 23, 2012 at 2:40pm.

I will never forget a time I lost something important when I was in high school.
1. It was seven years ago when I was in ninth grade in my home country.
2. My parents gave me some money every month for to buy lunch and school supplies.
3. That money put in my wallet and wallet put on my hip pocket.
4. One morning I went to the high school and I was busy in my study.
5. So far everything is ok but during the break I bought a sandwich and I need to pay for sandwich.
6. Then I checked all my pockets but could not found my wallet and I discovered that my wallet was gone.
7. I had my school ID, pocket money and other important paper in my wallet.
8. After that, I told to friends about this missing wallet, so my friends and I searched everywhere in high school.
9. Then my friend told me someone took your wallet because one time same thing happen with me.
10. I went to school security office quickly and I told everything happen with me.
11. I thought without wallet I could not buy anything to eat, so I was close to tears.
12. I prayed that someone would find it and return it to me but my prayers came to naught.
13. After that I skip lunch and I went to the another class, but I had no mood and I thought about the wallet
14. Finally, when I told my mother about my loss, she was clearly angry, and I received a long lecture about my carelessness.
In conclusion, I had learned to be more careful. It is not pleasant to lose something and then get scolded for losing it.

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