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The value of a $20,000 car decreases every year, t. The equation below model this situation.

20,000(1-0.04t) = 13,000

How many years will the car be worth $13,000? Round to the nearest tenth if necessary.

I got 20,000(.96t)= 13,000, but I don't believe gives me the correct answer. Help!

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    Damon answered this for you yesterday, and pointed out your typo

    I also agree that your equation should read

    20000(1-.04)^t = 13000

    then .96^t = .65
    take log of both sides

    log (.96^t) = log .65
    use log rules ...

    t(log .96) = log .65
    t = log .65 / log .96 = 10.5527 = appr 10.6 years

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