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Homework Help: College Majors?

Posted by At A Crossroads on Sunday, April 22, 2012 at 8:39pm.

I am a senior rapidly approaching the end of my high school education. Of course college is on my rader.

I plan to go to double-major in journalism and art.

I want to get my bachelor's degree in journalism so I can become an editor. I can work this job from home while caring for my family, and it allows me the opportunity to get to know literary agents. That knowledge is key because it takes knowledge to get published, and I would like to publish a few of the novels I have written.

The other half of my major, art, was chosen because I spend a lot of my time sketching and drawing, and I would like to learn everything I can technique-wise. I would choose art as my proffesion, but I know that it is extremely difficult to make a living as an artist (or as a writer, hence the reason I chose editor as a career).

My parents encourage me attend college, but I am a Christian and have been homeschooled since grade school. Entering campus life makes me very nervous and, quite frankly, scares me. I do not want to do drugs, drink, or get pregnant out of wedlock. I know that I am naive and easily distracted from my goals, and I know online classes are the best way to gain an education without getting sucked into the mess that usually comes with college life. But with the courses I plan to take, can I do them online? Doesn't art require me to be there?

All this to say that I would like an opinion or several on this plan. Please comment.

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