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FACS - Reading Assignment Help!

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I have this reading assignment for Family and Consumer Science. She gave us this packet for notes and to read to answer questions she gave us (that's our reading assignment which she is grading). So we answer the questions and to find the answers we look in the packet (the packet is about idk.... 5 or 9 pages) I'm having trouble in this question.

UNIT: Foods
Topic: Working in the Kitchen
Lesson – The School Foods Lab
Review Questions
DIRECTIONS: Write the answer to the questions in a complete sentence.
1. Recall – List the duties that all team members should be able to perform
Here are some of the notes from the packet:
A school food lab, session needs to be:
• carefully planned
• organized
• managed
Just as in any successful team, every member had specific:
• responsibilities
• duties to perform
All team members must be able to:
• Help other team members
• read and follow safely and follow safely precautions
• help other team members
• read and follow directions
Please help!
BTW - I think the answer is the last one.....

  • FACS - Reading Assignment Help! -

    For the last question, all of those are correct. All team members must be able to do all of those things.

  • FACS - Reading Assignment Help! -

    ok just making sure

    thank you! :)

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