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Chemistry help!!

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A chemist wants to be a supercook and wants to create 8%(m/v) acetic acud solution to be "extra strength" vinegar. if pure acetic acid Is a liquid density of 1.049 g/ml. how many ml of acetic acid should be dissolved to male 500 ml of 8% acetic acid?
It says to first calculate the grams of acetic acid needed bynusing %m/v formula andnthen the next calculation requires you to use the density formula , I'm sure im making it a lot harder than it really is !

  • Chemistry help!! -

    mass needed: 500ml*.08, and assuming the 8 percent is the same density as water, then that is 40 grams acetic acid.

    volume needed=massneeded/density=40/1.049 ml

  • Chemistry help!! -

    So I got 38.13 mL .. Thank you so much now that I see how to do it, it makes much more sense to me.

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