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Enviro Science

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4. Which of the following is NOT a threat that impacts biodiversity?
a. use of land for agriculture and housing
b. dam construction
c. overuse of water
d. helping endangered species

10. If exponential growth occurs in the population of a species of predator, the population of its prey will most likely
a. decrease quickly
b. increase slowly
c. stay the same
d. experience exponential growth

16. What factors might have the greatest effect on infant morality in a country?
a. low life expectancy and women's fertility rates
b. the country's average income and parents' access to good medical care
c. burning of fossil fuels and population booms
d. parents' access to education, food, fuel, and clean water

19. Which of the following is NOT a problem caused by rapid human population growth?
a. unsafe water
b. burnable fuel
c. quality housing
d. barren land


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    I agree with all of your answers.

    I assume that 16 is about infant MORTALITY, not MORALITY. <g>

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    Lol my bad, typo. Thanks!

  • Enviro Science -

    You're welcome. :-)

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    4. a

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