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Posted by Matthew on Friday, April 20, 2012 at 6:58pm.

Here are other sentences I need to check. I really hope you can check them, Writeacher.

1) blamed my friend Peter for breaking some plates, but the real guilty was me.
I’m quite independent of my parents because I do a lot of things without their help.
2) I’m not independent because I’ m not working at the moment.
I once blamed a friend because he left my homework at home.
3) I last felt sorry for my best friend because he got a bad mark in history. I felt sorry when his little dog died during a fire. It was saving my friend’s sister when the fire killed.
4) I'm still dependent on my parents because I'm not of age.
5) I was last ashamed of myself when I told a lie.
I blamed my friend for not phoning me/because she didn't phone me/when she didn't phone me (when is a mistake).
6) I was last sorry for a person when he had an incident with his motorbike. (correction: I was last sorry for a friend of my when he had a motorbike accident).
7) Have you ever blamed a friend for something he/she didn't do? Yes, I have. I blamed my best friend for forgetting our meeting.
8) I got angry with her, but she was really sorry for it. So I decided to apologize to her.

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