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Physics. PLEASE HELP!!

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A 1.2 m diameter wagon wheel consists of a thin rim having a mass of 11 kg and six spokes, each with a mass of 1.1 kg. Find the moment of inertia of the wagon wheel for rotation about its axis. Answer in units of kg · m2

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    The moment of inertia of each spoke (of the length R) respectively its end is
    I(sp) = I(o) + mx^2 = mR^2/12 + m•(R/2)^2 = mR^2/3 = .
    The wheel rim is a hoop with I(rim) = M•R^2.
    The moment of inertia of the wheel is
    I = I(rim) + 6•I(spoke) = M•R^2 + 6•mR^2/3

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