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Algebra 2

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Find the inverse of the following function:

f(x) = 3x + 12

I don't think I worked this problem off correctly...I am suppose to find the inverse of the function
Is this the correct way to work this problem?

y= 3x + 12
x= 3y + 12
3y = x - 12
f-1(x) = x - 12/3

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    You would divide everything by 3 leaving you with f-1(x)= x/3 - 4

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    see the correct and easy way is like this :

    y=3x +12

    now get x in terms of y
    3x =y-12
    or x= (y-12)/3
    now replace x with y and vice versa
    so you will get :
    y= (x-12)/3
    or f-1(x)= x/3 - 4

    this should be the answer

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