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Electronic types neglect the force of gravity on electrons.To see why, compute the force of Earth's gravity on an electron and compare it with the force exerted on the electron by an electric field of magnitude 6000 V/m (a relatively small field). The mass of an electron is 9.1 * 10-31 kg and the charge of an electron is 1.6 * 10-19
I came up with 5.7*10^-12 and it marked me wrong.....HELP!!

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    I can vouch it is probably wrong...

    force electric= Eq= 6000*1.6E-19=9.6E-16M

    force gravity= GMe m/re^2=9.8N/kg * 9.1E-31kg=8.9E-30 N

    Now the ratio of Fgravaity/Felectric=
    = 8.9E-30/8.9E-3=1E-27 which is significantly different than yours. Recheck your and my work.

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