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Algebra 2

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SIMPLIFY: 3√(63x^5/(72y^6))

Example to enter answer: n√b, enter (b)^(1/n) Example: For 4√3:2, enter 4(2)^(1/3).What is my answer and how do i answer it?

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    =3√9 √7 x^2 √x/(√36 √2 y^3)
    = 9x^2√(7x) / (6√2 y^3)
    = 3x^2 √(7x) / (2√2y^3)

    they might now multiply top and bottom by √2 to rationalize the denominator to get

    3x^2√(14x) / (4y^3)

    check my work, I should have written it down first.

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