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Consider the following expression.
3(x - 2) - 9(x**2 + 7 x + 4) - 5(x + 8)

(a) Simplify the expression.

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    you have to know the distributive property in order to do this one.

    x(a+b)= xa+xb

    so first, to make it easier, separate it. Like this:

    Lets start with 3(x-2) 3*x is 3x and 3*-2 is -6... 3x-6

    -9*x**2 is -9x**2 and -9*7x is -63x and -9*4 is -36 so this is -9**2-63x-36

    -5(x+8) -5*x+ =5x and -5*8+ -40!!!!!

    so you add these together to get


    then you have to add all the like monomials together, which hopefully you can do but i'll explain it nonetheless.

    63x+3x-5x= -65x
    -6-36-40= -82
    then -9x**2

    putting these together, we get...(drum roll please :P)


    im tired. hope this helped.

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