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Given that the specific heat capacities of ice and steam are 2.06 J/g degrees celsius and 2.03 J/g degrees celsius, respectively, and considering the information about water given, calculate the total quantity of heat evolved when 10.0g of steam at 200degrees. celsius is consensed, cooled, and frozen to ice at 50 degrees celsius.

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    I assume this is frozen to ice at -50C.

    These are best worked in pieces.
    Within a phase; i.e. change of T in steam or water or ice is
    q = mass x specific heat in that phase x (Tfinal-Tinitial),
    q for moving steam from 200 C to 100 C.
    q = 10.0g x 2.03 J/g x (100-200) = ?

    q at a phase change.
    q = mass x heat vaporization at 100C or
    q = mass x heat fusion at zero C.

    10.0 g x heat vaporization = ?

    Then add q for each segment of the problem to find the total q for the problem.

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