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Posted by Matthew on Monday, April 16, 2012 at 12:26pm.

Can you check if the various exercises are all possible? Thank you, Writeacher.
Here is exercise 1.

•1) The new German teacher (arrive) _______on Tuesday, for his first lesson.
2) On Saturday night we (meet) _______our friends in the square at 3 o’clock and then we (go)_______to the disco together.
3) Tomorrow it (be)_______rainy in the South.
4) He (be)_______ 20 in June.
5) The train (arrive) _______ at 3.30.
The station is too far from here, I (drive) _______ you there.
6) The English lesson (start) _______ at 11.15 on Tuesday.
She (apply for)_______a new job.
7) As soon as she (graduate) _______, she (look for) _______a job.
8) If the weather (be) _______fine, we (go for) _______a walk in the countryside .
9) When John (leave) _______for New York, he (to take) _______ a taxi to the airport.
10) I (look after) _______ the children until you (come)_______ home from work.
I think Peter (get married) _______in May.

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