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7. Which of the following terms is used to describe a linear sequence in which energy is transferred from one organism to the next as each organism eats another organism?
a. trophic level
b. food web
c. energy pyramid
d. food chain

10. Which of the following is an example of ecological succession?
a. a planted shrub growing on a patio
b. mosses covering the floor of an old building
c. a tomato planted in a garden
d. none of the above
Either B or D..

21. Humans affect marine ecosystems by which of the following?
a. overfishing
b. oil spills
c. pesticides
d. all of the above

27. The tundra is most suitable to a vertebrate that
a. requires nesting sites in tall trees
b. is cold blooded
c. has a green outer skin for camouflage
d. can migrate hundreds of kilometers each summer
Either B or D..


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