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English 7 Help! - please read

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In the second paragraph the author writes "Of all the things for which Jamie held a soft spot in her heart, the tree house was perhaps the dearest". What does the phrase "soft spot" mean in this sentence?

My Answer - the part that is soft....

ok im having trouble in this question

please help me

  • English 7 Help! - please read -

    I think it just means she had a close relationship with the tree house. Like parents often have a soft spot or close relationship with their children. I don't know what story you're talking about, but basically I'm guessing the Tree house was like a get away spot for her. When she was feeling sad or lonely, she could go to the tree house and her troubles would all go away. I could be off, but I hope I helped somewhat :)

  • English 7 Help! - please read -

    The title of the story is the tree house on wildwood.

    Thank You Jack, now I understand. I'm going to include that for my answer.

    thanks again

  • English 7 Help! - please read -

    you're welcome!

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