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Homework Help: Math- Trig

Posted by Crystal on Saturday, April 14, 2012 at 9:15pm.

1. Determine the exact value of cos^-1 (pi/2). Give number and explanaton.

2. Determine the exact value of tan^-1(sq. root 3). with explanation.

3. Determine exact value of cos(cos^-1(19 pi)). with explanation.

4. Determine the exact value of sin(sin^-1(20 pi)). with explantation.

5.determine exact value of cos^-1(sq root 2/2). with explanation.

6.Determine the exact value of cos(cos^-1(-sq root 2/2)). with explanation.

7.Determine the exact value of sin^-1(-1) with explanation.

8. Determine the exact value of cos^-1(0).with explanation.

9. Prove the idenity: cos^4(x)-sin^4(x)=1-2sin^2(x).with explanation.

10.Give a specific value of theta such that cos(theta)= -sq. root(1-sin^2(theta)) and determine the value of both sides to verify your claim. with explanation.

11.Prove the idenity: (tan^2(theta) OVER Sec(theta) +1 = sec(theta) -1. with explanation.

12. Prove the Pythagorean idenity (so don't assume it for this problem) sin^2 (theta) + cos^2 (theta)= 1 by using the sum/difference formulas for sine/cosine (pick what is appropraite). with explanation.

13. Use the appropriate sum/difference formulas to prove the idenity: tan(theta + 45°)= (1+tan(theta)) OVER (1-tan(theta). with explanation.

14. Use the appropriate sum/difference formulas to find the ecaxt value of cos(105°). with explanation.

15. Use the addition/subtraction formulas for tangent to prove that pi OVER 4= tan^-1(3/2) + tan^-1 (1/5). with explanation.

16. Prove the idenity: sin(theta) + cos(theta)=(Sq root 2) sin(theta + 45°). with explanation.

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