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1. Determine the exact value of cos^-1 (pi/2). Give number and explanaton.

2. Determine the exact value of tan^-1(sq. root 3). with explanation.

3. Determine exact value of cos(cos^-1(19 pi)). with explanation.

4. Determine the exact value of sin(sin^-1(20 pi)). with explantation.

5.determine exact value of cos^-1(sq root 2/2). with explanation.

6.Determine the exact value of cos(cos^-1(-sq root 2/2)). with explanation.

7.Determine the exact value of sin^-1(-1) with explanation.

8. Determine the exact value of cos^-1(0).with explanation.

9. Prove the idenity: cos^4(x)-sin^4(x)=1-2sin^2(x).with explanation.

10.Give a specific value of theta such that cos(theta)= -sq. root(1-sin^2(theta)) and determine the value of both sides to verify your claim. with explanation.

11.Prove the idenity: (tan^2(theta) OVER Sec(theta) +1 = sec(theta) -1. with explanation.

12. Prove the Pythagorean idenity (so don't assume it for this problem) sin^2 (theta) + cos^2 (theta)= 1 by using the sum/difference formulas for sine/cosine (pick what is appropraite). with explanation.

13. Use the appropriate sum/difference formulas to prove the idenity: tan(theta + 45°)= (1+tan(theta)) OVER (1-tan(theta). with explanation.

14. Use the appropriate sum/difference formulas to find the ecaxt value of cos(105°). with explanation.

15. Use the addition/subtraction formulas for tangent to prove that pi OVER 4= tan^-1(3/2) + tan^-1 (1/5). with explanation.

16. Prove the idenity: sin(theta) + cos(theta)=(Sq root 2) sin(theta + 45°). with explanation.

  • Math- Trig -

    Woahh Crystal, that is now how this site works
    We do not do your assignment for you.

    Pick one problem, tell us what particular problem you have with it, and what you have done so far, and I am sure somebody will guide you further.

  • Math- Trig -

    sorry, wasn't thinking- i shouldve put what i was wanting help with- i mainly just want help figureing out how to put it in my calculator, and im not sure what type of explanation to give.

  • Math- Trig -

    not knowing which calculator yu have, it's hard to say.

    Any explanation given here will probably be less detailed than what you will find in your user's manual for the calculator. RTFM.

  • Math- Trig -

    I have the TI-84 Plus Silver edition

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