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I hope I can send you my post this time. Thank you, Writeacher.

19 He invited me to go for a motorbike ride.
He requested me to go (is not possible?)
He consented/agreed to drive me to the airport.
2) She said to me (she told me) that I could go to the cinema (is this sentence possible?)
3) Who and whom can only be used with people (is persons possible?)
4)He ordered (is "me/us" compulsory?) to come in and shut the door.

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    1. The first sentence is fine. The second sentence is not. You could write, "He requested that I go ... "
    The third sentence is fine.

    2. This isn't quite right. It should read like this: She asked me if I could go... OR She told me to go...

    3. "persons" is used, but "people" is better as a plural form of "person"

    4. Yes, you need that object in there for the sentence to make sense.

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