March 28, 2017

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the initial concentration of each component was: 0.100 M H2(g), 0.100M I2(g), and 0.050 M HI(g) . The Keq = 50.2. Calculate the concentration of each component when equilibrium has been reached. The balanced chemical equation for this reactions is: H2(g) + I2(g)  2HI(g)

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    First, calculate Q
    (HI)^2/(H2)(I2) = (0.05)^2/(O>1)^2 = 0.25 which is too small; therefore the reaction will move to the right.
    ..........H2 + I2 ==> 2HI

    Set up Kc = (HI)^2/(H2)(I2)
    Solve for x, 0.1-x and 0.05+x

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