April 20, 2014

Homework Help: Trig/PreCalc

Posted by tabby on Friday, April 13, 2012 at 3:44pm.

Teach me how to express 5sqrt3 - 5i in polar form please.

I don't want you to do the work for me. Just show me the steps I need to do the work properly on my own. Otherwise I will not pass this class or the exam when I enter college, and I do not want to retake PreCalc.

Its a multiple choice homework question with answer choices:
a: 10(cos 11pi/6 + i sin 11pi/6)
b: 10(cos 11pi/6 - i sin 11pi/6)
c: 5 (cos 11pi/6 + i sin 11pi/6)
d: 10(cos 5pi/3 + i sin 5pi/3)

I did as much work as I could guess at, and came up with r=10sqrt2,
arctan=1/sqrt3 which equals sqrt3/3.I know that sqrt3/3 = tan 30 and 210 degrees. But now I am stuck.
Where do I go from here - or is this even the right way to try to solve this equation? Please help me.

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