March 4, 2015

Homework Help: ENGL-1020

Posted by Witchita on Friday, April 13, 2012 at 2:12pm.

Please help me figure this out!

What is he trying to say/What is this poem's meaning?
Why did he write it?
How does the denotation, connotation and/or level of diction found in the majority of the italicized words play against the level of diction found in most of the rest of the poem?

March for a One Man Band
by David Wagoner

Hes *a boom a blat* in the uniform
Of an army *tweedledy* band *a toot*
Complete with medals *a honk* cornet
Against *a thump* one side of his lips
And the other stuck with *a sloop a tweet*
A whistle *a crash* on top of *a crash*
A helmet *a crash* a cymbal a drum
At his *bumbledy* knee and a *rimshot* flag
*A click* he stands at attention *a wheeze *
And plays the Irrational Anthem *bang*

An asterisk indicates an italicized word.


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