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Homework Help: 6th grade geo

Posted by ♥rebel•stupidity=kathy on Thursday, April 12, 2012 at 4:20pm.

in which area would you find coal veins?

in contrast to the southern uplands and the highlands, the central lowlands of Scotland

which of the following is an accurate statement about the way that the welsh economy has changed in the late twentieth century

Scotland’s lakes and rugged highlands were created by

about 75% of the population of Scotland lives in the central lowlands

what is one reason wales was able to attract new technology businesses in the 1990's

they are coal fields a long the..... mountain range

what is the major river that flows through London

language is one example of a way wales and Scotland have

the people of Scotland adopted the religion og the church of England as their own religion.

1) not-lowlands
2) support is a higher percentage of the population
3) after a period of high employment, foreign investment brought new industries to wales
4) not-weather and erosion
6) a good education system, close proximity to England, and need for new jobs in the industry
8) Thames
9) preserved their culture
10) false

Can you please help me and tell me if i am right ot wrong???Thank you. i am not sure on 5 and 7. Thank you for all and any help.

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